"I am an Italist" ~ Rebel Chef


In the kitchen at Rootsman Café, we are rebel chefs that cook with intuition and heart rather than rules, regulations, and formalities. Our dishes are formed by using all of life's flavors and earth's bounty then seasoned with the spice of life. Rustic or refined and always gourmet.

Fruits and vegetables. Greens and grains. Seeds and nuts. Fresh and organic.  Humane and sustainable.  Benevolent and balanced. Verily vegan.

Rootsman Café draws from global cuisine and blends international flavors into original creations. 

Creating in the kitchen is a source of Joy. All of our recipes are 100% plant-based, to promote a wholesome, nourishing, Ital lifestyle. 

An Italist thrives on life-giving sustenance. Ital is vital. Livity is life.

Nourish the body. Eat.  Refresh the spirit. Drink. Food is medicine.

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